The Rise of Slime

stretchy slime

Slime has taken the toy world by storm in recent years, with kids and adults alike loving the gooey, stretchy, and satisfying stuff.

Today, slime has reached the peak of popularity, and entire companies of slime stores and slime-related products have appeared online. These stores sell a variety of slimes, from plain white slime to glittery, scented, and even edible types. Many of these stores also offer DIY slime making kits, so kids and adults alike can make their own slime at home.

Social media is driving the growth of slime stores, as influencers and enthusiasts help spread the word about the popular toy. But it's also a sign that the slime itself is interesting. Whether you're a kid or an adult, there's something fun and satisfying about rolling and stretching balls of slime in your hands.

Slime also has other benefits.

The information we receive through our senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight) helps us learn about our environment and sends messages to our nervous system.

Positive sensory input (for instance squeezing a load of lovely gooey slime) activates part of the nervous system which helps us rest and can make us feel relaxed.

Many kids say that slime has a calming, focusing quality. Slime is a form of sensory play, meaning it stimulates the senses. Sensory play can be soothing for kids, and is often used in play therapy for this reason.

Research has shown that when children are using items like slime their brain switches off because it doesn't feel stressed.

Slime is a tool that can help release tense muscles, lead to relaxation, and decrease any physical symptoms of stress.