Slime Aids Sensory Issues

It is becoming more and more clear that sensory play aids learning and development as science and technology advances. To address this issue, early childhood education settings are increasingly using toys like texture with children with sensory issues.

Slime is now highly regarded as an aid to help reduce anxiety in children with issues such as Autism & ADHD

Children's cognitive, creative, and fine motor skills are all boosted when they can use touch in conjunction with other senses like scent and vision.

Here at GetSlimed we have experienced the above with our 2 young Autistic boys who love slime and all the benefits it can bring.

Researchers that study sensory processing problems frequently focus on sensory play. Children who are either hyper- or hypo-sensitive to stimuli can benefit from this kind of play, complementing therapeutic alternatives. Utilizing sensory objects, like as slime, is a good method.

Here are several reasons why slime is beneficial for all developing kids, especially those who struggle with sensory processing.

Slime is a fantastic sensory toy. This sensory play activity helps toddlers interact with almost all of their senses because of the diverse textures and odors connected with slime. They can concentrate on the slime's changing appearance and feel as they squeeze and tug it. They will hear sounds and sense odors as they change and compress the slime in their hands, which can help with behavioral development.


Slime activity not only has a relaxing impact but also helps kids with autism with practically every element of sensory processing. Light-reflecting glitter, vivid colors, and squishy textures excite the sense of touch, while scented slimes and crackling slimes alter the senses of smell and sound, calming children who may be overly sensitive to their surroundings. Concentrating on the varied qualities of slime can ease tension while feeling overburdened and may be the only thing that helps.

Super-soft and ultra-stretchy, GetSlimed's stimulating slime provides hours of tactile exploration as kids squeeze, twist, fold and pull—then put it back together again!