stretchy slime

The Rise of Slime

Slime has taken the toy world by storm in recent years, with kids and adults alike loving the gooey, stretchy, and satisfying stuff.

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Slime Care & Sticky Slime

Follow our guide to rejuvenate your slime

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Slime and Sensory Issues

Super-soft and ultra-stretchy, GetSlimed's stimulating slime provides hours of tactile exploration as kids squeeze, twist, fold and pull—then put it back together again!

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The Benefits of Slime Play

Are you wondering about the benefits of slime play? Slime offers many surprising benefits. Here are a couple of examples of the benefits of slime play.

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Slime is the perfect gift

Are you sick of giving the same old gift?

Using our easy slime recipe and creativity we create the ultimate slime gifts.

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